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  • Checking your Credit Limit or Postage Balance

  • Change Address and Profile Information

  • Finding your Contract Details

  • View and print your invoices and statements online

  • Adding Postage Funds

  • Understanding your Purchase Power® Line of Credit

  • Enhancements to online Product Management

  • Making payments online

  • How to Create a Case

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  • Creating a new account profile

  • Ordering Supplies Online

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    Account Management

    Account Management

  • Creating a new online profile

  • Update your credit card or bank account details

  • Question a charge or dispute a fee

  • Getting a Refund or Credit

  • Corporate W-9 Forms

  • Property Tax FAQs

  • Help to reset a lost or forgotten password

  • Understanding ValueMax®

  • Set up AutoPay online (lease & rental invoices)

  • Updating your physical location or billing address

  • Find USPS tracking and e-Return receipts online

  • Submitting Tax Exemption Certificates

  • Returning Your Meter

  • Ordering Supplies Online

  • Learn about Manage Accounts in Your Account

  • Paying for Postage

  • Change your email address online

  • Return Instructions for Ink and Supplies

  • Finding Your Pitney Bowes Account Numbers

  • How to Create a Case

  • What payment methods does Pitney Bowes accept

  • Requesting a copy of your Pitney Bowes Contract

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    Bills & Payments

    Bills & Payments